join the seahorses in 2019

Dust off your boots and get a leave pass or go on a road trip and move to the salty shores of Ballina. Smack bang in the middle of the Northern Rivers, we are an hour from the Gold Coast and play in the Far North Coast Zone. Whilst Ballina is notorious for its Big Prawn and frequent shark attacks, we would gladly accept applications from Springboks, Kiwis and lads from west of the range as most of them don’t like to swim with man - eaters.

Whilst Byron Bay is just a quick Uber ride up the coast, we suggest that you stay clear of those bright lights as nothing good comes out of Byron. Even their footy team are rough. Casuarina Barbarians are newcomers and improving and your girlfriends and wives will love the cafes and shopping. Lennox Trojans are the mortal enemy of the Seahorse. No need to say anymore about them. To balance the surf, we compete against Lismore City, Southern Cross Uni (Gold Rats) , WAR (Pioneers - 5 X times premiers but who’s counting) as well as the might of Casino Bulls who make for a great bus trip to Beef Country. The Grafton Redmen have also returned to the fold in 2019 so that bus trip is also legendary.

The Ballina Seahorses are a well established club with a great following from sponsors and supporters. This Rugby Community makes for an easy transition and support if you move to the area. We don’t pay players and we seek energetic and enthusiastic members in all matters related to the Club. The more you put in, the more you will get back.

We have world Class coaches. First Grade is led by ex- Waratahs coach and Seahorse premiership winning coach Chris Hickey and his Co-Coach Andrew Fraser. These 2 know what is required for success and a winning focus. They will be fully supported by life members and Premiership winning players Craig Giltrap and Karl Lupton.

2nd Grade will be guided by the enigmatic and charismatic Chris Long who has stepped up from an Assistant role from the victorious 2018 2nd Grade Premiers team.

Have a think about it. Check the application below and give it a rip. You might find yourself playing hard, winning games and having a cracker of a time.

seahorse application.

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Do you have any dietary requirements or any concerns about playing for the Mighty Ballina Seahorses?
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What is your preferred playing position?
If you have played for the All Blacks, we might just check that you have.
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