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The Ballina Seahorses success on-field needs to be supported by the wider business community. Financial support is absolutely vital in today’s world where rising costs and competing codes fight for financial support. Ballina Rugby Club truly appreciates the ongoing commitment provided by our sponsors. Without this assistance, the club would struggle to remain competitive in our zone.

We invite all local businesses who are seeking to attract and build their business brand to inquire about our levels of sponsorship. Each level provides a suitable investment in engaging with an attentive audience and a network that builds and grows together.

Throughout the year, we will be inviting business owners to attend matches as well as a regular Thursday night meet and greet. This will offer a great opportunity to better understand the club, talk with the people that are involved in the day to day running as well as a great network to support and grow with.

We believe that the Ballina Seahorses will be a great platform to have fun and to prosper.

With our refreshed website, email newsletter - Seahorse Nation, social links and Sponsors Spotlight programme, we are taking our sponsorship engagement up a level. We are building and growing our footprint and we think that this will pay dividends for those supporters who join the Seahorse Nation today.

Feel free to come down to a game at “Seahorse Park” Make sure you sign up for the Seahorse Nation newsletter so that we can keep you in the loop on what’s going on. Please review our expression of interest form below so that you can take the first steps in building your business brand and having fun with a network that wants to make “Rugby Great Again.”

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