Hot Recruit - Ex - All Black wants to be a Seahorse.

So there has been a bit going on in Rugby Union circles with Israel Folau really throwing the cat among the pigeons with his latest social media post garnering much division not just in Rugby circles but globally. One of those who have been loudest in opposing Israel Folau’s comments has been Ex-All Black Adam Thomson who shouldn’t be confused with our own Adam Thomas. Somebody in our club suggested Adam not waste our time by submitting an application. We might have to work on that!

Adam is currently living in Bali and has taken the time to consider playing for the Ballina Seahorses in between fitness sessions and tweeting back to Israel Folau.

Adam Thomson would always be welcome to come along to training and catch up with his old coach Chris Hickey.

Thanks Adam for keeping in touch with grassroots Rugby and having a great view on life.

InkedAdam Thomson_LI.jpg

Check out one of Adams tweets here.


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