Welcome to Junior News 2019

Junior training for season 2019 is now well underway.

Make sure that any parents or guardians who have children / players in the junior sides do sign up for Seahorse Nation because it will be the best place to access news and updates for the whole club as well as junior developments.

The club is still seeking interest from parents / people for the Junior Club Coordinator role. This job would suit an interested parent who would be able to liaise with coaches and be a direct link to the Ballina Seahorses committee. It would be a great start for you on your Ballina Seahorse journey in growing and nurturing the junior club. It can’t be stressed enough how important the development of our juniors are as these players are the next generation of Seahorses, Brumbies and Wallabies. I write the posts so they can play for my teams!

Wednesday night training begins at Quays Reserve at 5:30pm for all of the grades in Juniors.

If you are seeking confirmation about training times or any queries in regards to Junior Rugby, please email the club directly until all coaches have provided you with their contact details. The club email is: ballinaseahorses@gmail.com You can also click the CONTENT link below to send the club a message.

Under 7 Boys and Girls - Joel McMahon will be coaching these future champions of our club.

Under 10 Boys and Girls - Beau Milner will be guiding this team to glory.

Under 13 boys - Paul Davies will be using his vast knowledge and experience to develop these boys.

Under 17 Boys - Aidan Cubis is in charge of the next generation of Senior Seahorses.

Under 15 Girls 7 a side - This coaching position is yet to be filled but we have an enthusiastic and motivated group who want to succeed so feel free to offer your experience and coach these girls.

We welcome all of the junior players and their parents and guardians to our wonderful club. Like any community based organisation, it is the assistance and efforts of the members that makes it successful and rewarding. We are growing and developing our local footprint with community support and by developing our juniors, we will be able to strengthen the overall future of our club. Please do not hesitate to email and contact the club so that we can keep you in the loop.

Go the Mighty Seahorses.

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